Managing a rental unit can be a demanding full-time endeavor, and one that requires landlords and real estate investors to have immediate access to information that affects how they manage their rental homes and apartments.  Sadly, this often involves making countless phone calls and sending just as many emails and text messages, simply to get the most basic of answers.  At Gallagher Property Management in Rochester NY, we understand the need to keep things simple, straightforward and instantly accessible.   

Our Owners Portal was created using some of today’s most advanced and user-friendly technology, allowing you to log in easily and get immediate access to your documents, statements, service requests and so much more.  Here’s just a sampling of how our Owner’s Portal can help make your rental property more manageable. 

  • Securely view any open invoices for your current properties   
  • Get detailed information on your monthly owner distributions
  • Review past or present management fees, or view your history
  • Stay current and up to date on any pending maintenance issues
  • View a wide range of financial reports, including payments, fees, etc.
  • Check the status of a pending rental lease application or approval  

If you’re a landlord who’s consistently being overwhelmed with requests that prevent you from growing your real estate portfolio or managing existing properties, Gallagher Property Management in Rochester can help make the process easy and more rewarding.  Get in touch today to learn more about how we help streamline the process of renting a property, or schedule a time to meet with one of our management staff.

Gallagher Properties is located at 1504 Scottsville Rd in Rochester, NY and can be reached by phone at 585-235-4337 during regular office hours.  Or write to our team any time via email by visiting the secured contact page on our website.