Whether you rely on residential rentals to supplement your income, or it’s your full-time source of revenue, one of the most difficult challenges a landlord can face is all of the work that goes into finding and approving a prospective tenant you can trust.  For countless real estate investors, it often leads to overwhelming unnecessary stress, discouraging many from even continuing down the path.  At Gallagher Properties in Rochester, we’re constantly striving to make the process of renting a home or apartment faster, easier and far less complicated. 

We understand how much is at stake when you make the decision to rent your property, and each member of our team goes to great lengths to simplify the process of doing so.  Here’s just a small sampling of the services Gallagher Properties provides to streamline the process and reduce the stress associated with finding a qualified prospect. 

  • Aggressive advertising and referral networks to attract more prospects 
  • Background checks, credit checks and home visits for all prospective tenants
  • Strict enforcement of landlord-defined occupancy policies and procedures
  • Timely coordination of all unit repairs and maintenance as they’re needed
  • Online rent payments and statements to ensure more timely payment
  • Move-in & move-out inspections, including detailed write-ups and pictures
  • Prequalification essentials, applications and showing units to new prospects

Renting your investment home, townhouse or condo is a complex endeavor, but as a landlord, you certainly don’t have to shoulder the burden entirely on your own.  Visit our Property Management page for a complete rundown of the many services we provide.  From initial listings and rental applications, to move-in, maintenance and ongoing inspections, Gallagher Properties proud to be a company landlords trust when it comes to their success and security.  

Gallagher Properties is located at 1504 Scottsville Rd in Rochester, NY and can be reached by phone at 585-235-4337 during regular office hours.  Or write to our team any time via email by visiting the secured contact page on our website.